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Translation of academic texts from German into (American) English:

Translating academic texts involves a range of challenges that require specific training and experience.

When working with me, you can rest assured that your documents are being handled by a professional who has these essential skills, which is why my translations have been described as sophisticated and impressive.

I view the process of translation as a collaborative dialogue with the author of the text. Although final responsibility for the translation’s integrity is mine alone, we will engage in discussions about your target audience and any preferences for particular terms or philosophical issues that arise in the process, both before I start, during the translation, and after my first draft has been sent to you for comments.

As an educated academic, I strike a tone which is appropriate for academic papers and presentations while remaining eminently readable and engaging. Indeed, my clients often praise the improvements I make to their texts in the course of translating.

To make sure that your scholarship reaches the widest audience possible, or that you make the best impression possible at your next international conference, contact me for a quote today!

Nasrid Palaces within the Alhambra, Granada, Spain

Landgrafenschloss, Marburg, Germany


For those whose English is excellent and who prefer to write their own presentations or essays, a native speaker with an expert eye can add the finishing touches by looking over the wording, smoothing out any unidiomatic passages, and ensuring a concise, flowing result. For a perfectly polished text, with every grammatical, linguistic, and idiomatic detail in place, contact me for a quote today!


I have an eagle eye for grammar and spelling mistakes. So if all you need is proofreading of your paper or presentation, please contact me.

Copywriting and translation for museums and other points of cultural interest:

Millions of English-speaking tourists visit Europe each year, intrigued by its long history and its castles, churches, and cobblestones. Well written marketing materials play a key role in attracting them to museums and other points of interest, and engaging texts within exhibits make the experience all the more positive. And that’s the best advertising of all! Let’s talk about how I can help your institution put its best foot forward! Please contact me to discuss your copywriting and translation needs.

Header photo: Wartburg Fortress, Eisenach, Germany